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Mental Health


'Mental' a word with which comes much stigma

in reality a form of health that will affect us all

one way, or another.

Gender Fluidity


We are told from a young age that we can be whatever we want to be;


Yet somehow as we grew older we found ourselves in a world full of rules and restrictions.

When and why did this change?

How can we be anything other than ourselves?

And why should we ever have to.

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Body Hair


It grows at it's own will, simple and natural.

Yet we are made to

feel dirty

and undesirable for having it.

When exactly did

body hair

become shamelful?

And who dictates

how we are to be


to fit an image of what is


and socially acceptable?

We all grow in our own unique ways.

and it's time we let go, and let it grow.

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"Menstruation is important to talk about, simply because it is something that affects at least half of the population!"


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide a platform for sharing shameless accounts of the human experience. 

SHE. is learning from one another; our neighbours, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and complete strangers.

Not reporting on the media. Instead, translating an identity,

a feeling, a thought - of our fellow humans - into print.


We are a self-funded, woman-bred magazine, that shares

the vision to be free of stigma and free of shame.

Alina (Design) and Tara (Editor)





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